The ControlInSteel project is finished and their are no upcoming events planned.

Thank you for your support!!!


BFI Colloquium (invited steel producers)

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Marcus J. Neuer, "Erfolg durch Forschung: Semantische Analyse von zwei Dekaden an RFCS Projekten auf dem Gebiet der Downstream Automatisierung"



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Rigorous semantic analysis of steels most influential automation projects of the last decades
M. J. Neuer, BFI

Big Data Technologies in Downstream Steel Processing

Raffaella Grieco, RINA

Optimal off-gas management in integrated steelworks

Stefano Dettori, SSSA

Strategic Usage of Digitalization in Flat Steel Production: Trends for the Coming Future

Joaquín Ordieres, UPM

2022-06-22 (Brussels)

The European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP)

Dissemination Event 2022 - 'Beyond Steel Research Projects'

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The ControlInSteel Consortium presented an overview of the semantic technology used to evaluate the former project and depicted new and future opportunities for research in steel production.


  • Marcus J. Neuer
    How Semantic Tools Help to Understand Impact Mechanisms and Transfer Potential in Research Projects

2022-06-28, 11:00

Digitalisation in Steel Industry

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This is an online seminar organised by the EELISA community and the EU, as well as the consortia of the projects WISEST and CONTROLINSTEEL.

ControlInSteel was represented in the second half and contributed the following talks:


  • Marcus J. Neuer, 3rd - Digitalisation as key driver for steel industry
  • V. Iannino, Cyber-Physical Production Systems for Production Simulation and Optimization within Complex Industrial Systems
  • R. Grieco, Big Data Technologies in Downstream Steel Processes
  • J. Ordieres-Meré, Next Stepps after digitalisation 4.0 in the steel industry

07.07.2022, 11:00 - 13:00 OPEN WEBINARS

Advanced Control Solutions for Sustainability

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Due illnesses of speakers, this is a rescheduled, free-of-charge webinar organised by ESTEP for the ControlInSteel consortium. In this 2 hour event, we will present the project and go in to the details of advanced control solutions (a mayor pillar of the project dissemination analysis)


  • Marcus J. Neuer
    General Description of the ControlInSteel Project

  • Stefano Dettori
    Control Solutions for off-gas management in integrated steelworks

  • Davide Resegotti, Francesca Marchiori,
    Advanced Solution for Resources Management

  • Valentina Colla,
    Plenary Discussion with Speakers

13.07.2022, 09:00 - 11:00 OPEN WEBINARS

Distributed Autonomous Control Solutions

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  • Joaquin Ordieres-Meré,
    Welcome and introduction

  • V. Iannino
    Multi-agent Systems to improve efficiency in steelworks

  • Asier Arteaga, Aintzane Soto
    AEvolution of sensor data and control system options in a a rolling mill installation

  • Andreas Wolff
    Interrelations between agent technology and distributed predictive control

  • Filippo Avellino, Francesca Marchiori
    Quality as driver for integrated intelligence manufacturing

  • All speakers
    Plenary discussions

14.07. 11:00 - 13:20 OPEN WEBINARS

The future of control in the steel sector

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  • Andreas Wolff
    Welcome and introduction

  • Joaquin Ordieres-Meré
    Quantum computing in control applications for the steel sector

  • Andreas Wolff
    On some open points in modelling and model-predictive control

  • Raffaella Grieco, Alessio Ventura,
    AI and Big Data in Control

  • Marcus Neuer
    Automation of complex process chains supported by artificial intelligence

  • All speakers
    Plenary discussions

November 2022 - Final Seminars

ControlInSteel will perform a dedicated workshop at the IFAC COSY2022 Workshop end of this year.

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  • Were submitted to IFAC evaluation on June 20th, awaiting results of the reviewers
  • In preparation